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He was a virgin when we met. Three months into the relationship we had sex. I am 18 and he is We used to have sex often, but now he is completely uninterested in anything sexual. Other than sex, we have a great relationship. It may be that the novelty wore off.

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He may have a low sex drive, or he may be interested in women only as friends. But you will never know until you ask him. When you do, let him know that whatever his answer is, you care about him and you hope he feels the same way about you. She has a lot of friends and always has a boyfriend. She has had both long-term and short-term relationships. Is she seeing anyone? This is painful for me. What should I say in response to this omnipresent question? Now tell me about YOUR children. My daughter is learning how to drive.

My ex believes I should pay half the cost of the new garage door.

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Also, she did a total upgrade, turning the entrance to the garage into one large door instead of two. I agree, but it is not, and my ex-wife was in the car — not me.

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I never receive comments about my appearance that cause me to be sensitive. I have had no problems through the years with family members, neighbors or co-workers. My grown children are thoughtful, considerate and loving. Even my in-laws love me. Write Dear Abby at www.

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