Busy guy looking for an outdoor party partner

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There are many ways to make the relationship successful and focus on what really matters: the quality time you spend together and what you love about each other.

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We talked to current college women, as well as Rhonda Ricardo, relationship expert and author of Cherries Over Quicksand for advice on this potentially tricky situation. Most people would say compromising with your partner is an essential part of maintaining a relationship. Even if you both decide on an activity together, you can always compromise by doing lunch with one another, and then having separate night plans. Trust is the foundation of any lasting relationship. Both partners should feel comfortable with the other going out without them there, knowing there will be no flirting or infidelity.

Time apart is healthy, keeps the relationship spicy and fun. Make spending time doing what you both love to do a priority by working out together, watching a sports game or trying a new restaurant near campus the next time you both are free.

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This helps make it clear there are never any secret agendas when out with friends. If the extrovert completely disappeared and leaves the introvert alone for disrespectful amounts of time, the introvert will not want to attend parties with him or her and might see the lack of attention as uncaring or worse, an insult.

Let your SO know they are always invited to go out with you. Find something to do other than constantly checking your phone, such as reading a chapter in a textbook, cleaning up your room or a DIY pampering night. JMU alumni making her way into the "real" world. Passion for spending time with my large Italian family, running and eating any and all desserts I can get my hands on. Build, maintain and practice trust.

Focus on your similarities. If you're the person who loves going out If you'd rather stay in Molly Crum. Molly Crum JMU alumni making her way into the "real" world.

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Is It a Situationship and Does That Matter?