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If the 60 experimental surgeries go smoothly, penis transplantation for genitourinary injuries could very well become the medical norm, which is great news for soldiers and a bit unnerving for organ donors.

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That latter group is left with this question in their dried mouths: Are they going to take my penis? With the right clothes on, an open casket burial is still totally possible.

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But when it comes to donating the visible stuff, the parts your family would recognize if — for whatever reason — they saw them transplanted onto another person, the conversations gets a lot trickier. Those conversations are also rare. At the moment, there are relatively few people seeking penis transplants, and finding a successful donor still requires finding an immunological match. Families get a rundown on the recovery process, which would take place at the same time as the surgery. Open casket funerals are still popular, and families are sensitive about how their loved ones look.

While some men might be uncomfortable about cruising into the afterlife without the tools for ghostly copulation, others might find it even more life-affirming to know their organs are getting action long after the rest of their bodies are buried. Yasmin Tayag. Mind and Body.

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