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Your doctor may order a blood test to check your hormone levels and evaluate treatment options. We help you find board certified Hormone Replacement Therapy providers in your area. Your doctor will continue to monitor your symptoms and hormone levels to adjust your treatment as needed. Hormone imbalance may cause feelings of depression, anxiety, fatigue, hot flashes, insomnia, lack of sex drive or just a constant under-the-weather feeling. The major hormones in women that typically need balanced management are Estrogen and Progesterone, and many may also benefit from improved Testosterone levels.

Diagnosing and treating hormone deficiencies and imbalances in women requires the attention of a physician specializing in adult female hormone replacement therapy. Every woman is an individual, and likewise, will have to be treated as an individual. An HRT physician will take into consideration your individual medical history, symptoms and comprehensive lab to determine the correct treatment protocol tailored specifically for you.

It is important to note that not every adult female will be a candidate for Hormone Replacement Therapy. At any given time, every woman has different levels of estrogen and progesterone — the primary female hormones — in her body.

By the way, men also produce estrogen! More importantly, all too few are aware that these hormones are not responsible just for sexual and reproductive functions like fertility and pregnancy. They also play a critical role in your overall wellness and vitality — for you as a woman and a human being.

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But it also promotes overall wellness: it helps regulate body temperature and works in concert with other brain chemicals to maintain a positive mood and mental sharpness, keeps skin healthy and supple, maintains bone strength and density, and protects the heart and arteries by regulating cholesterol production. Progesterone maintains the pregnancy once fertilization occurs and Hot females in Arcade New York birth and postnatal functions. While it has no known overall wellness role like estrogen, it can negatively impact mood in some women and balances estrogen.

It contributes to reproductive system health, healthy levels of tissue and bone mass, red blood cell production, fertility, and libido. The process of menopause is the overall decline in hormone levels that culminates in menstruation — and fertility — ending permanently.

Many like hot flashes sudden, intense overheating and night sweats waking in the night sweating profusely are common knowledge and easily associated with menopause. Many other symptoms are common but tend to be vague, which makes them no less debilitating but less likely to be identified as hormone-related. Essentially, your body begins to make less and less estrogen — the hormone that promotes fertility and overall vitality. Similarly, there is less and less progesterone and testosterone.

It is far more likely to fluctuate over time, literally throwing your body and mind for a loop and leaving you not knowing what to expect next. Especially now, when women are tending to have children later in life, they can easily be raising and even nursing young children and also be in perimenopause. Fertility-wise, during perimenopause you are still releasing eggs but the likelihood of fertilization and pregnancy is declining and periods are likely irregular. When finally estrogen levels are so low that you no longer release eggs, your periods will stop.

You are considered to have reached menopause after one year of your periods stopping altogether, at which point you are postmenopausal. In the U. And most women have decades of life ahead of them at that point that we would all like to make as healthy and fulfilling as possible. Perhaps most importantly though is the difference between bioidentical hormones and conjugated or synthetic hormones. Progesterone must also be used to balance out the estrogen. Bioidentical hormones are applied to the skin in form of gels or creams or ingested as tablets according to a physician-specified regimen.

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Increasing and balancing hormone levels through HRT can help restore your mental and physical well-being by:. It is the circadian clock in our cells that measures one 24 hour spin of the planet. For 28 days the moon tracks the repeat of that cycle, and so does the body. Bioidenticals are hormones that are identical in molecular structure to the hormones women make naturally in their bodies.

Ask your doctor if bioidentical hormone treatment is right for you. Our entire bodies need estrogen and progesterone. The cycle supports our bones, our brains, the myelin coating of our nerves, our hearts and many other systems. Women without a uterus and or ovaries tend to need more hormone replacement because of what is missing. A woman without a uterus follows the cycle of the moon lunar calendar for her monthly rhythms. She has her day 12 peak on the full moon.

Talk to your doctor to see if Hormone Replacement Therapy is right for you. Find a Doctor. Symptoms of Hormone Imbalance in Women: Overview Hormone imbalance may cause feelings of depression, anxiety, fatigue, hot flashes, insomnia, lack of sex drive or just a constant under-the-weather feeling. Progesterone Progesterone maintains the pregnancy once fertilization occurs and facilitates birth and postnatal functions.

Postmenopause When finally estrogen levels are so low that you no longer release eggs, your periods will stop. Want to be listed on HRT Plans? Reach more new patients in your area Learn More. FAQs Will my hormone replacement be synced with my menstrual cycle? What are Bioidential Hormones? What are the risks of Hormone Replacement in Women?

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Urinary incontinence — Use of estrogen plus progestin can increase the risk of urinary incontinence. Dementia — Use of estrogen plus progestin can increase the risk of developing dementia among postmenopausal women age 65 and older. Stroke, blood clots, and heart attack — Women who either combine hormone therapy treatments or take estrogen alone have an increased risk of stroke, blood clots, and heart attack. Breast cancer — Women who take estrogen plus progestin may be at a higher risk of being diagnosed with breast cancer.

Irritability — Some women have reported increased aggressiveness or irritability at the start of hormone therapy that includes Testosterone. These issues are generally resolved as levels become balanced.

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If this is a concern, please advise your HRT Wellness doctor, and have Testosterone removed from your treatment plan. What role does Testosterone play in women? I have had a hysterectomy; am I a candidate for HRT?

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