I want my dream man

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Please leave empty:. His smile.

lonely girl Noah

His lust for me. His body. His personality. His eyes. Powerful, strong and passionate. And very sweet, too. Mysterious, yet loyal and oddly attractive.

lonely females Jaylin

Romantic, highly infatuated with me, kind and loving. And he's a rebel, and very smart - but doesn't show off. Dark brown. I don't want to rush into anything. I'm just in it for the physical stuff ;P. Eh, I'm forever alone, anyway. We're soulmates! I love him with my entire heart. We're gonna be together forever.

Maybe a few years? I don't know, I just want to make the best of the time I'm with him. Use him, abuse him, lose him. It's the only way. Am I right, ladies? Take me out to dinner to my favorite restaurant. If I said it out loud, you'd say I was gross.

Fill our home with candles and rose petals, and surprise me with cuddles! Take me on a trip to Paris! Write a song for me! Wait - that sounds creepy. Mhmm, he told me I was like, super-hot one time. If that's not love, what is?

He definitely loves my BODY. Well, he's distant, but he's there when I need him. So, yes.

lonely girl Joyce

Yes, it's the perfect balance of lust and romance. Not too heavy, but he knows me better than even I do. Gurl, yes! I want to go on runs with him, and if he carried me, that'd be cool, too. Sista, are you kiddin'? Six-packs only, plz. Umm, yes, I don't want to be dating a tub of lard! But if he's perfect for me, I will love him no matter what.

Well, he has to be HOT. But appearances aren't everything. He's my BAE and I'll always support and cherish him.

house floozy Ariana

Medium brown. Light brown. Any other color, like ginger, or dyed. It's romantic and passionate. Knowing all my weaknesses EWW! Being gentle and caring. He likes to try new things to satisfy me. Rough stuff. You know what I'm talkin' 'bout! Ha, that ain't happening. I'm freeeeee! On a beautiful beach.

ebony females Cataleya

No wedding - we'll elope. Church - i. I want my heart to race, as if I could pass out any second.

naked latina Lennox

Comfortable, like he's my best friend. Submissive, like he's my superior. Pure, beautiful, omnipotent. Comments Change color. LesBiAce Why is this so sexualized what if im ace or in a platonic relationship. Chloe He's gorgeous and sensitive, but not overly emotional. He's a dreamer, and very optimistic. He will love you until the end of time. He's also loyal and intelligent.

JN I have this crush on a equatorial guinea guy in my geography class his so cute! I think i love him and his just the right dreamguy mi amor! Skye Perfectionist My guy is Perfect. Bonang I really enjoy the test so much.

cutie females Finley

I love my result! Panda He's gorgeous, sensitive but not too emotional. He is a dreamer, and very optimistic. He will love you until the end of time, he's loyal and intelligent. Emma Nicole Khaye Menzi It totally describes him. Like OMG. Martinez twins lovers My dream guy would be someone who looks like The Martinez twins. El WTH have you beenstalking???!!! ElderWand ASmi Delete this comment Cancel.

I want my dream man

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Who Is My Dream Guy?