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Baby Catarina was the first infant delivered by Caesarean section at the surgical unit that Ms. The purpose of her one-week visit was to direct a documentary for RTP Radio Portuguese Television on the project achievements in the regions of Gabu and Oio and to garner additional support for the project, which is being extended to the Bafata region.

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Furtado, one of Portugal's most popular personalities, who uses her celebrity to save and improve lives of women. With deaths perlive births — about two deaths each day — Guinea Bissau has one of the highest maternal mortality rates in the world. And women in rural areas like Gabu, women face even higher risks. However, the of maternal deaths here fell by about 9 per cent the year after the surgery unit opened, according to Dr.

There is still much room for improvement: the region of Gabu has only one ambulance and a driver to serve a population of more thanNot surprisingly, it is constantly in action. On her second day in Gabu, Ms. Furtado met another grateful client of the surgical unit, Ms. Tene Keita. The year-old mother of four was pregnant again, and suffering from an Lady want sex Catarina. A stillborn foetus was surgically removed from her womb, saving her life.

After this, Ms. Keita does not want to risk another pregnancy: "I have told it to the doctor, and I am waiting for his advice on what to do," she said. That morning, a year-old girl in the throes of an obstructed delivery was taken into the surgery unit, and Ms. Furtado scrubbed up to witness the operation.

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A quarter of an hour later, a newborn girl weighing 3. Delighted, Ms. Furtado took her to the delivery room where the midwife wrapped her in swaddling clothes. The surgery unit had just saved two more lives. Then followed the visit to a special guest house where women facing high-risk pregnancies — anaemia and hypertension for example — can stay, free of charge, in the weeks before delivery for medical surveillance.

The day ended on a sad note: at the paediatric ward, Ms. Furtado saw a young girl dying from malaria and concluded: "We need to make the same efforts for malaria as we did for the maternal health, if we do not want to see the infants whose lives we save at the maternity die later in the next ward for lack of treatment. Toward the end of a busy day, she visited the centre for reproductive health where men and women receive family planning advice and services, showing thus her interest for the linkage between family planning and maternal health.

The rest of her visit was busy as well. On 28 July, she and her film crew documented the situation in Bafata, where the next Lady want sex Catarina ward will be constructed. Incomplications of pregnancy contribute to a high mortality rate, and fewer than 7 per cent of women use contraception. Early marriages are common. The following day, Ms. Furtado laid the foundation stone for a surgery unit and maternity ward, in the presence of community members, many local authorities, as well as the Minister of Health, Dr.

After a visit to a fistula treatment centre in Mansoa, Ms. Furtado returned to the capital for more advocacy with the country's decision-makers and donors. After showing part of her first documentary Dar Vida sem MorrerGive Life without Dying she talked about the need for better conditions for medical doctors, to keep them from migrating and contributing to the 'brain drain' that is a problem across much of the region. The country has already put a of programmes in place, including a low-cost insurance scheme that covers maternal health, and expanded use of mobile phones to help manage obstetric referrals.

Furtado, promising to return for a followup visit next year. UNFPA, chosen as the implementing agency, drafted a project document inwithin the framework of the new country programme — Furtado broke the ground for a surgery unit with two equipped operating rooms, training of staff anaesthetists and operating-room nurses and provision of an ambulance and a power generator unit for Gabu. Progress was documented by RTP and Ms. Furtado for a series of documentaries. Furtado attended the inauguration of the newly built and equipped Mansoa Hospital surgery.

The documentary, Dar Vida sem Morrer was aired. I am happy to hear that thanks to the project-funded surgical unit and ambulance, 73 surgeries were performed in about the last six months insaving so many lives of women and their newborns…. Inthe situation, which is primarily driven by conflict and an economic blockade, An estimated To learn more, including how to change your settings, see our cookies policy. United Nations Population Fund. Lady want sex Catarina form Search. Catarina left listening to Dr G.

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