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In a recent academic paper, J. Ramseyer instead argued that the women willingly entered into contracts as sex workers. His paper has intensified a political dispute between Japan, whose leaders deny that the women were coerced, and South Korea, which has long pressed Japan to provide apologies and compensation to women who have shared s of rape and abuse.

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Decades of research has explored the abuses inflicted on comfort women from Korea and other nations ly occupied by Japan. In the s, women began sharing s detailing how they were taken to comfort stations and forced to provide sexual services for the Japanese military. Ramseyer, a professor of Japanese legal studies at Harvard Law School, declined to comment. At Harvard, hundreds of students ed a petition demanding an apology from Ramseyer and a university response to the complaints against him. Harvard Law School declined to comment.

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Japan insists all wartime compensation issues were settled under a treaty normalizing relations with South Korea. In South Korea, activists have denounced Ramseyer and called for his reation from Harvard. An influential activist, Lee is campaigning for South Korea and Japan to settle their decadeslong impasse by seeking judgment from the International Court of Justice.

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Ramseyer repeated his claims about comfort women in a submission to a Japanese news site in January. In it, he alleged the women entered into contracts similar to those used under a separate, d system of prostitution in Japan. But the claims about enslaved Korean comfort women are historically untrue.

Opponents counter that many of the women were so young they would have been unable to consent to sex even if there was evidence of contracts. IE 11 is not supported. For an optimal experience visit our site on another browser. Politics U. Share this —.

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Latins South Korea wanting sex

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