Tough woman who can wrestle

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Traditionally employed as eye-candy to prop up the men, decades passed by before grappling audiences realized that women could become serious wrestling superstars in their own right. This change in perceptions and abandonment of gender bias was driven by strong and pioneering ladies that proved themselves as equals. And whilst any woman that ever steps through the ropes needs more than a small measure of toughness, some women have gone above and beyond, setting the bar with their history making strength and skill. Here, Muscle and Fitness takes a look at 10 female WWE Superstars that have inspired future generations by showing that they busted their ass, so that they could kick yours.

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Catch the strong and skilful women of the ring by subscribing to WWE Network. To up, and get your first month for FREE, visit wwe. Why so tough? She left the company soon after, but there are many rumors that suggest Kia Stevens was not a woman to be messed with during her pro wrestling days, and such stories include an infamous incident where TNA sent her home following a backstage confrontation with Reby Hardy. When you belong to the Hart family, you better be tough!

With Grandpa Stu at the helm, the Dungeon was a place where many a scream could be heard from unsuspecting wrestling trainees. Natalya is not only a graduate of the Dungeon, but she has survived the monumental grind of more than 10 years on the road with WWE.

But along with blazing a trail went the grind of competing with men on the live circuit, night after night, trading strikes that sometimes landed very hard. Chyna would frequently throw her much larger male opponents around the ring, displaying awesome power and showing genuine courage in a time dominated by the men. Inshe will finally be recognized by the company, as it was announced that DX would be entered into the Hall of Fame class.

On an episode of Monday Night RAW back in November, Becky sustained a broken nose and a concussion, but turned up for work the next day ready and eager to wrestle.

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She was a professional monster truck racer, and won her first freestyle competition in and was the first woman to win the Monster Jam World Finals in Mildred Burke was the pin-up girl that pinned them down and was often required to compete with both male and female challengers. Burke had an incredible physique, and impressed her trainer and future husbandBilly Wolfe, by bodyslamming a male wrestler in her very first lesson.

At a time when few men were accepting women into the fold, Mae earned her spot on pro wrestling events due to her undeniable skill as a grappler and as an entertainer. While many WWE fans will remember Mae Young for her involvement in some pretty outlandish storylines during the Attitude Era, serious historians will recognize the influence that she had on generations of women who followed in her footsteps.

In addition to pro wrestling, Jackie is an experienced boxer and kickboxer. Of those 15 wins, 13 came by way of submission. Stepping away from judo, Rousey subsequently dominated the world of MMA, where she has a perfect record for amateur competition. During her UFC career, Rousey racked up a very impressive record. Can anyone stop her? At age 75, the Italian Stallion keeps proving he can still outwork you.

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With a new season starting Saturday, now is the right time to get hold of the sport. Read article. Kharma Why so tough? Natalya Why so tough? Chyna Why so tough? Becky Lynch Why so tough? Alundra Blayze Why so tough? Mildred Burke Why so tough? Mae Young Why so tough? Jacqueline Why so tough? Shayna Baszler Why so tough? Ronda Rousey Why so tough?

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Tough woman who can wrestle

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