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Even the police seemed half-hearted in their calls for restraint in judging the motive of the crime, and the brief suspicion that the culprit had been someone close to the victim was quickly laid to rest. The unanimity of the official response, in one sense, was admirably forthright.

But it was also its own national admission of negligence. Tributes from local papers emphasize that he was widely liked and had good relationships with his constituents. Every German has that freedom.

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The killing has provoked widespread condemnations of the ascendancy of right-wing terrorism in Germany; even traditionally conservative leaders such as Minister of the Interior Horst Seehofer are now saying that they need to play catch-up in the fight against the far-right and have promised to devote increased resources to policing right-wing terrorists.

But critics say that the German state has a long history of ignoring reactionary terrorism.

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Meanwhile, neofascistic terrorist attacks like the bombing of a Munich beer garden in have been largely forgotten. This blindness to right-wing terrorism is one of the reasons, Schultz told me, that it took authorities so long to recognize that the 10 murders carried out by the National Socialist Underground NSU beginning in were the work of a terrorist organization.

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In andrespectively, the mayor of Cologne, Henriette Reker, and Andreas Hollstein, the mayor of the West German town of Altena, suffered politically oriented knife attacks. Reker was severely wounded, as were several of her companions. Hollstein escaped with minor injuries after employees of the Turkish restaurant where he was eating disarmed the perpetrator.

Leipzig Mayor Burkhard Jung recently told the DPA press agency that there were about three politically motivated crimes against politicians in Germany on a daily basis, with local politicians being Woman Kassel nsa vulnerable. But the situation is also more complicated—the diffuse structures of right-wing organizations make it legitimately difficult to differentiate between lone wolves and members of criminal conspiracies, and the ubiquity of online expression of rage makes it hard to differentiate serious threats from idle fantasies.

Though some activists are calling for a widespread crackdown on all forms of right-wing activity, others fear that broad approaches could serve to further radicalize right-wingers. When we spoke, Schultz, the journalism professor, suggested that a series of reeducation programs might be a positive step but feared that they would end up reaching the wrong people. If the CDU wishes to escape its fate, it will have to do more than simply root out extremist networks—it will need to find a way of redirecting the forces of right-wing anger.

German authorities looked the other way as a right-wing terrorist cell went on a seven-year killing spree. Sincea ly unnoticed network of ro, buildings, and military outposts has been constructed deep in a sacred valley in Bhutan. Argument An expert's point of view on a current event. By Peter Kurasa writer, translator, and editor living in Berlin.

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