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Our physical offices are closed due to coronavirus but we are OPEN. In the wake of a pandemic that drove children, in particular, deeper into poverty, Pennsylvania stripped safety-net money away from poor children to gave it to anti-abortion activists.

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The Commonwealth has so much federal aid surplus that they stashed billions of Twenty-two states across the country, including the rest of the northeast, have implemented statewide anti-discrimination protections. May 24, Abortion Ban. Amid a well-documented maternal mortality crisis and pandemic, chair of the Pennsylvania House Health Committee Rep. Kathy Rapp is prioritizing legislation that medical experts say would increase maternal mortality.

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May 19, RapeVictory. The name May 10, Rights to Realities. us to celebrate another year of fighting for gender equality!

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May 4, Propaganda Watch. Apr 21, Abortion Ban. Kathy Rapp, also chair of the Pro-life Caucus, at last week's anti-abortion hearings in Pennsylvania Instead of working to protect pregnant workers from COVID or addressing the maternal mortality crisis, Apr 16, Abortion BanRacial Justice.

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Pennsylvania is becoming an increasingly dangerous place to be pregnant due to the actions, and inaction, of the longtime majority leadership of the General Assembly. The outright abandonment of pregnant Pennsylvanians could not be made clearer by the fact that amid a Apr 13, Maternal MortalityRacial Justice.

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Of course, maternal health means a lot more than preventing unnecessary injury and death in childbirth, but given the extreme disparities revealed in a new report and the fact that we know COVID is exacerbating This is the same title as legislative bans targeting transgender student-athletes Search for:.

Woman want real sex Allenport Pennsylvania

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