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When Jack Harlow played Saturday Night Live last month, he checked one of the most important boxes on the application to become a major music star. Meanwhile, the song itself is a perfect encapsulation of what makes Harlow so likeable, blending musical and lyrical chops with a breezy vibe that camouflages serious artistry. Earlier this year, he was nominated for his first Grammy, the capper to a strange year that saw Harlow cultivate a bigger fanbase that he has yet to perform for live. Harlow, playing SNL is a milestone for lots of musicians. Those are the first ones that come to mind.

Who is your favorite SNL castmember ever? I grew up on a lot of Kristen Wiig. I owe my career to that guy. And then I wanted to do something Women in Harlow for sex was kind of flying under the radar, something musical. And I wanted to bring out somebody that women over 40 love. My mom was definitely soaked for Adam Levine. Then I grew out of that. I was a popular kid around my city from middle school onwards. So Jack Harlow is kind of how people knew me.

Even when I had the rap name, Mr. Harlow, it was like it was somebody else. Authenticity has been so important to me that I think going under my name has subconsciously forced me to truly be myself, as opposed to assuming some character.

You look like you do missionary. Incredibly validating. I just want all the spoils I can get out of life. I just want to live the fullest life I can live.

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But I think sometimes I feel like I have something to prove and that fuels me. Has that been frustrating at all, or have you taken advantage of the world slowing down? I think my music on the album I just dropped took a turn for the introspective because I slowed down and I was sitting in my bedroom as opposed to partying and looking at women. I started to look inward. Was there a point in your career where you felt like an outsider or an outcast?

If so, at what point do you stop feeling like you were one? So I feel like an outsider all the time. Everyone deals with imposter syndrome at one point. Can you talk about if you felt that and if you still feel like that?

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I feel it like once a week, but it gives me coverage. I saw David Bowie talking about how much of a fraud he felt like. His name was Mr. Cooksey at Atherton High School, and on the first day of class, he drew on the board a superhero and then way below the superhero, he drew an ugly troll. Then right between them, he drew a regular stick figure, and there was an arrow pointing to the ugly troll and the superhero. This is who I am. If so, how do you deal with those expectations?

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Did you have to make a whole new group of friends and get accepted there? It took me out of my comfort zone. It changed how I recorded music. It boosted my work ethic. I owe a lot to moving to Atlanta because I got an idea of what it takes. I was around so many artists. I think they could have given me other gifts, but Atlanta gave me something really unique. Anyone could type something. It should be harder to get to me.

That shit needs an update. What does Jack Harlow do to chill? It does something for me. It releases a lot of endorphins. I like phone sex. So you like having phone sex. I say the same sentence, just not in that tone. You got a sparkling personality. For some reason I have a lot of anxiety about transitioning, going from place to place. I like to be settled. I love seeing little hidden gems in the country. The streams, the followers, the sales. Do you obsess over them, or do you just put something out and let it be what it is?

I care. Just as much as I like to see a cheque. Now, do you try and make music for a particular moment or do you try and make music that lasts, and is there tension between the two.

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What do you think makes something a classic? But my ultimate goal is to be an artist that is giving you classics, giving you stuff that sounds good in 30, 40 years. Jack Harlow. Thank you very much for having me interview you. That is all of the questions.

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Women in Harlow for sex

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